D’Addario Automotive

Differentiate or die. It’s a phrase that’s one of our mantras here at Bob Abbate Marketing. The D’Addario Automotive Group is a business steeped in tradition built on three generations of service by the D’Addario family. No one cares more about their customers than the D’Addario family.

The D’Addario dealerships were good. But to the car buying public, they weren’t different. Their Nissan, Buick, GMC and Cadillac ads looked and sounded like so many other car dealer ads. Enter Bob Abbate Marketing. After a very productive SWAT analysis session with the dealer and his key managers, we identified several strategies for growth. Our rebranding of the D’Addario Automotive Group centered around the slogan “The Difference is D’Addario”.

Result: Sales increased almost immediately, and the car buying public now has a clear understanding of what the D’Addario brand stands for. A new logo, clean and uncluttered newspaper ad designs, attention getting TV and radio commercials, and targeted digital display ads have breathed new life into this xx year old dealership.

Media: Digital, Radio, TV, Outdoor, Print

Outdoor: our billboard strategy employs state of the art digital billboards. By using digital boards exclusively, we are able to rotate multiple brands, vehicles, and messages on each digital panel, increasing the client’s ROI from each and every outdoor buy.








Print: pre-BAM: D’Addario’s newspaper ads were produced by the local newspaper. Now: BAM designs every ad as an integral part of D’Addario’s ad campaign. Every ad contains a branding message and a call to action. And even though the products merchandised in the ads are as different as Nissans and Cadillacs, we have found a way to apply the brand standard we developed to every ad, thereby delivering a cohesive look and feel to each and every ad that the customer sees.






Radio: pre-BAM: D’Addario’s radio commercials were written and produced by the local radio stations. Their radio commercials sounded like so many other spots that those radio stations produced. No differentiation. No unique identity. No great results. Now: our “The Difference is D’Addario” radio campaign makes it clear what the D’Addario difference is, and our consistent copy and carefully selected voiceover artist helps D’Addario’s spots stand out and get noticed.


TV: D’Addario’s TV commercials were noisy and cluttered, and looked like so many other car dealer TV ads. Lots of running footage. Little local dealer identity. And they had no brand linkage to the rest of their advertising. We spent lots of time shooting truly unique and personal footage on location at the dealership. Our new D’Addario TV ads deliver “the D’Addario difference” branding message while promoting both dealer and factory offers.

Digital: BAM’s proprietary local display banner ad program is putting this dealership’s message in front of potential car buyers. We deliver millions of D’Addario ad impressions on the most popular local and national websites, all within D’Addario’s local trading area. Our SEM and digital strategy is targeting car buyers, driving them to the D’Addario websites, and into their showrooms.