Big brother is watching us. Who we are, where we go, and who we’re with. Who is big brother? In this case, he’s the datahound at Foursquare.

Foursquare has amassed what is reportedly the world’s largest database of where we go. And the more we move around, the more Foursquare can extrapolate characteristics about us, building up hard data on where we dine, shop, vacation and more. Much more.

But there’s much to be learned from this treasure trove of consumer data. As marketers, we can use this type of data to determine how shoppers get to point of purchase, and where they come from. We can start to predict what foot traffic will be like at retail centers on Black Friday. Retail managers can use it to set retail staffing levels. And we can use it to target marketing messages where they are most needed.

Take a look at how all this relates to Apple and today’s iPhone 6s/6s Plus launch. If you wonder how Apple can set merchandise stock levels, even predict needed staffing levels at their top-tier retail stores on launch days like today, here’s a peek inside.

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