Wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to order something online and instead of waiting days, and often having it get lost in translation or the delivery delayed, having it dropped on your doorstep in just 30 minutes?

When I first heard about Amazon’s plans to offer these 30 minute deliveries via drone-like “octocopters,” I thought ‘well wouldn’t that be amazing!’ Then of course, the more-logical part of my brain went to all the possible complications of the concept: how much more would you have to charge for shipping to cover the costs of these octocopters? How much wind and weather would these octocopters realistically be able to fly in? Etc.

Once my mind moved past all the possible complications, I began to think these octocopters could serve purposes other than just package delivery. What if they were used as a marketing tool? A way to target particular groups of people with promotions specifically suited for them? For example, having an octocopter fly over a 5k in Hartford, dropping coupons for a free 1-hour fitness consultation with a personal trainer at a local gym.

Sure, you could always send those coupons out via snail mail, but this would allow you to target a specific group likely to have more interest in those specific coupons.

Plus, if you were out running a 5k and you saw something flying over the finish line, wouldn’t you be more interested in finding out what it was than if you received a coupon in your mailbox, mixed in with a pile of junk mail? I know I would.

In addition to Amazon’s mail delivery, and all the possible marketing opportunities, even Hollywood is trying to jump on board.

Over the past two years, the Motion Picture Association of America has reportedly spent over $4 million lobbying for drone use to be allowed in film-making.

Now I know what you’re thinking, $4 million sounds like a lot of money to spend fighting for these drones. That was my first thought too! But, then again, think of how much money major studios could save on their aerial photography bill!

Whether they end up being used for mailing purposes, marketing, or in movie production; I really hope the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) lifts its current ban on commercial drone use so that these incredible octocopters get to take flight!


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