Video: something that has always been and will always be a passion of mine. It never mattered to me whether I was in front of the camera making a fool of myself in one of my mother’s home videos, behind-the-camera trying to capture that great “Hollywood” shot, or on my laptop editing together an Emmy Award-winning masterpiece. (No, I’ve never actually won an Emmy, but a girl can dream can’t she?)

While I haven’t been around to see all the advances in video technology, I have seen quite a few upgrades in my day. Starting with those big clunky VHS tapes when I was a kid, then moving to the much-more-compact digital video cassettes and discs, and finally to the digital camera that allows me to plug in directly to my laptop and upload video I shot just moments before.

Well, apparently now there’s another advancement that’s pretty much as quick and compact as it comes when referring to video: the Israeli company Mobli has created an app that allows you to live stream video right from your smartphone!

For a video-lover and newshound like myself, that’s pretty amazing! Even without a camera crew and satellite truck, I could capture breaking news and broadcast it as it’s happening!

Or for those who aren’t that interested in breaking news, you could live stream special moments that might otherwise be missed by friends and family who are far away: a 1st birthday party, a graduation ceremony, a wedding.

The possibilities are endless…and personally, I find that pretty exciting!


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