eMarketer-Daily-Major-Media-Consumption-2011-2015-Apr2015It’s a trend, but not a surprise. Newspaper readership will see its largest decline in daily usage by the end of this year. What is a surprise is that to those that do read the paper, the ads continue to have a sizable influence on consumers’ purchases.

What is also not a surprise is that U.S. adults will spend more the 5 and a half hours per day with digital media this year. Per eMarketer’s latest estimates, this is up almost a half-hour year-over-year! Now that is a surprise! We know that time spent with digital media is continually growing, but this rapid acceleration confirms that it’s growing by leaps and bounds. During the 5 1/2 hours consumers are spending with digital, 2 hours and 51 minutes are spent on their mobile device. Why do you think Google is demanding all websites to be mobile friendly? U.S. adults are busier than ever and this is where people are spending their time, accessing the internet via their mobile phone. Between 2011 and 2015, the compound annual growth rate of time spent with mobile internet is 37.2%!

Television takes up the second-largest chunk of adults’ daily media time at 4 and a quarter hours. Not a surprise. We multitaskers are watching TV as we browse websites and we tweet and post comments to Facebook on what amuses us on TV…from sports to award shows to stories on transgender former Olympic greats…. hmmmm.

Maybe the all of 10 minutes people are spending with a magazine is because of that doctor who is running behind schedule, again.

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