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Digital Advertising

We will put your brand’s marketing message in front of potential customers. We can create digital video ads and place them on YouTube, use them as video pre-roll ads, even place them in programming on apps on streaming video boxes like Apple TV, Amazon Firestick, Google Chromecast or any other smart video devices. We can even employ IP targeting and mobile conquesting to surgically deliver your advertising messages to consumers at precisely the right time and place.

TV/Radio Advertising

Consumers watch a ton of TV and listen to radio. But now they do so in new and different ways. In addition to broadcast and cable TV advertising, we can place your ads on YouTube and streaming video apps, as well as on Pandora, Spotify, podcasts and other streaming services. Our media buyers will craft and place targeted radio and TV buys for your brand. And our creative department will create persuasive and well-branded ads that convert shoppers to buyers.

Search Engine Marketing

We’re a Google Partner, trained and certified by Google as experts in search marketing. Our digital specialists are continually updating their skills, and meet with Google support staff regularly to review and improve the efficiency of our client SEM campaigns. From search engine domination to keywords to banner ads and reputation management, we hold the digital keys to your brand’s success. We’ll drive traffic to your website and leads to your sales team.

Outdoor Advertising

Think BIG. BAM will deliver your brand’s message to thousands of commuters on the roads and highways in your market. Digital billboards offer the opportunity to display a series of rotating sales offers, updated as often as necessary.

Transit Advertising

If your market has significant mass transit, then the odds are that advertising opportunities exist to reach the masses of commuters that rely on trains and busses. BAM can deliver your message to commuters at train stations and bus depots, as well as on platform, in car, in bus and on taxis.

Content Marketing

From blogging to social media posts, the BAM content marketing team will create persuasive and interesting content that engages and connects with your customers. Our well written and designed content will drive traffic and grow your social media audience, converting fans into shoppers and shoppers into customers.

Direct Mail

BAM works with you to deliver targeted messages to your customers and future customers. We can target shoppers and past buyers. We can geotarget shoppers by household income, household brand allegiance, age, income, gender, and more. And we offer heat mapping, ROI reports, matchback, de-duping, digital integration, and call tracking.

Giving Back

We all know that small and medium size businesses are generous. Community minded. And they help neighbors. We’ll make sure that the communities you serve know that you care about them. We can create, organize and supervise a giving program just for your business. We can coordinate your entire community involvement program, oversee your company’s community involvement and charitable programs.


It’s the synergy of these multi-touchpoint advertising campaigns that cultivate high-converting prospects, improve your ROI, raise brand loyalty and increase your reach—both online and locally. With Bob Abbate Marketing, your media buys will be efficient, your creative will be on target, your billing will be transparent, and we will always be there for you, with regularly scheduled advertising strategy meetings.

Why Us?

SInce 1997, Bob Abbate Marketing (BAM) has been helping brands reach more consumers and sell more products and services. Our staff is highly trained in creating compelling advertising campaigns, managed by industry experts, designed to help you sell more and increase your market share. Our expert team of advertising professionals think like you think, speak the language of your industry, and are totally dedicated to your success.

But it goes deeper that that. Think of us as your in-house marketing department. Your BAM account contact is your VP of Marketing. Our team will work closely with you to make sure your advertising messages “speaks” to the audience being targeted.

Why Not Us?

If you’re looking for a ad agency firm to create deceptive ads with fast talking disclaimers, we’re not for you. BUT… if you’re concerned with building the equity of your brand, putting out a consistent and positive brand message, and driving more traffic to your store, website or phone through the consistent use of quality advertising and strategic media placements… well, then BAM is your next agency!

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