The Edge Fitness Clubs

Bob Abbate Marketing was charged with creating an ongoing, synergistic cross media advertising campaign to promote the Edge Fitness Clubs. Instead of producing another cookie-cutter gym campaign that talks about the number of treadmills that the clubs have, Bob Abbate Marketing focused on the community of Edge members.

Stevens of Milford

Stevens of Milford is a business infused with tradition and committed to giving customer service that is second to none. Bob Abbate Marketing developed strong branding that repositioned Stevens of Milford as the dealership “Built on Trust.”

Downtown Special Services District

How does a downtown with a perception that overshadows reality reposition itself as a go-to location for living, working, and playing? We’ve got the info.

Planet Fitness

Bob Abbate Marketing was challenged to develop and coordinate an advertising campaign with broad reach, creative appeal and plenty of room to flex.

Sikorsky Credit Union

Bob Abbate Marketing was selected to help rebrand Sikorsky Credit Union. Our research uncovered that many people incorrectly thought that only people who built helicopters at Sikorsky Aircraft were eligible to bank at Sikorsky Credit union (which is far from the truth).

D’Addario Automotive Group

Differentiate or die. It's a phrase that's one of our mantras here at Bob Abbate Marketing. The D'Addario Automotive Group is a business steeped in tradition built on three generations of service by the D'Addario family.

Lime Energy

Lime Energy is passionate about delivering energy efficiency solutions to small and medium size businesses, and helping utilities bring energy-saving programs to their customers. Lime reached out to BAM to assist them in delivering their message to the masses. Our creative staff collaborated with Lime Energy to create effective advertising for this campaign.
Facebook Grows As Dominant Content Sharing De...
by Bob Abbate
in Research on Sep 27, 2016
An analysis of the 1 million most shared articles across the major social media platforms has revealed that 9 in every 10 shares occur on Facebook. That’s according to Fractl and BuzzSumo, which teamed up to analyze social sharing between December 2015 and June 2016, finding that Facebook’s dominance as a so...
BAM'S 19th Bammiversary.
by Bob Abbate
in Bamily on Sep 10, 2016
[responsive-slider id=1689] We are Bamily. Jeanne, Julie, Christina, Ann and me. You're like fami...
Why Our Agency Runs on Macs. And Always Will.
by Bob Abbate
in Technology on Aug 29, 2016
Like every business in today's digital marketplace, Bob Abbate Marketing relies on computers to get the job done. Perhaps more than others. Our Macs are more than productivity tools. They are creative tools. Virtually every strategy, idea, schedule, TV spot, radio commercial, search ad, media buy and client commu...
ADWEEK: $1.2 Billion and Counting: How NBCUni...
by Bob Abbate
in Digital on Aug 05, 2016
One day before the games even begin, NBCUniversal has already set an Olympics record with more than $1.2 billion in national ad sales, which includes broadcast, cable and digital advertising. It's said to be the most by any network for any media event in U.S. history. [more]...
How Consumers Rely on Mobile to Meet Their Ne...
by admin
in Digital on Jun 20, 2016
Every day, people rely on mobile devices to manage their lives. Is your brand with them during those micro-moments, when they are making purchasing decisions?...
Facebook to Show Ads to Non Users
by Bob Abbate
in Media on May 27, 2016
The social network is expanding its Audience Network to allow marketers to reach all internet users who visit websites or mobile apps that are in its entire ad network. Previously it allowed them to reach only Facebook users. People who are not Facebook users can opt out, as can Facebook users who don’t want to ...
17 Reasons Why People Listen to AM/FM Radio.
by admin
in Uncategorized on Apr 28, 2016
Almost 1 in 5 AM/FM radio listeners report spending more time listening to the radio this year than last, close to twice the proportion of listeners who are tuning in less, according to the latest annual Jacobs Media Techsurvey. The study, which is based on a survey of 39,503 listeners in the US and Canada (almos...
How Do “Overlooked” Gen Xers Feel About A...
by Bob Abbate
in Branding on Apr 21, 2016
Gen X is the most influential generation, says Yahoo in a new study, but it’s also somewhat forgotten about, as America’s “middle child”. Citing data showing that Gen X has the highest median income and controls close to one-third of total income dollars, Yahoo delves into the media behaviors and attitudes...
So What's YOUR Story?
by Bob Abbate
in Branding on Apr 05, 2016
Inside every good product or service, there's a story waiting to be told. It takes vision and creativity to uncover that story, to tell that story. Don Draper's pitch for the Kodak Carousel is a great example. His pitch was compelling and overflowing with emotion. Suddenly, the client wasn't looking at their new s...
Job Opportunity with Bob Abbate Marketing
by Bob Abbate
in Recruitment on Mar 08, 2016
Bob Abbate Marketing (BAM) is a full-service strategic communications, advertising and media agency. We serve a wide range of clients from many industries from our cool offices in Bridgeport, Connecticut. We are looking for our next marketing rock star to join our team and help create powerful, innovative and hi...
GoodBoard5 580 × 323
Billboard HITS and MISSES
by admin
in Creative on Feb 18, 2016
I have the honor to serve on the Marketing Com...
Majority of Facebook’s Monthly Active Users...
by Bob Abbate
in Digital on Feb 09, 2016
Mobile isn’t only accounting for a larger share of Facebook’s advertising revenue (now at around 80%), it’s also increasingly becoming the only way in which its users access the platform. Indeed, of Facebook’s almost 1.6 billion monthly active users (MAUs) in Q4 2015, more than 800 million (or 52%) were mo...
Adweek's Super Bowl Ad Tracker: Everything We...
by admin
in Uncategorized on Feb 03, 2016
What do you get for $5 million + a spot? Nothing less than a huge audience of wing-eating viewers who tune in to watch the commercials as much as the game. Here's Adweek's SuperBowl 2106 Ad Tracker. Some winners, some meh, but all are worth watching. Let us know what you think. Which spots score, and which ones d...
The Latino Listener: How Do Hispanics Tune In...
by Bob Abbate
in Media on Jan 27, 2016
From la música to las noticias, Hispanic American adults are avid radio listeners. In fact, 97% of this population tunes in each week. And since 2011, the weekly national Hispanic radio audience has grown 11% (from 36.5 million to 40.4 million). This increase in radio listening likely reflects the overall incr...
Report: Newspaper Circulation Plummeting
by Bob Abbate
in Digital on Jan 21, 2016
Hold onto your iPad. Use of a tablet, smartphones, or computer may soon be the only way to read a "newspaper." The actual printed newspaper seems to be headed for extinction. Take a look at the circulation numbers in the piece by Richard Tofel. The picture is bleak. Tofel reports that "the sky is falling on pri...
Do You Hear that Train a'Comin?
by Bob Abbate
in Digital on Jan 18, 2016
Blockbuster Video had 9,000 stores and...
The Top TV and Social Media of 2015
by Bob Abbate
in Digital on Dec 30, 2015
From sports to zombies to Republicans, we had lots to watch and tweet about in 2015. Football dominated viewing this year, claiming 8 of the top 10 rated telecasts. Super Bowl XLIX (NBC) attracted 115,204,000 viewers as the Patriots captured yet another NFL title. Time shifting continues to be one of the v...
Cars as Stars, in Music and Hollywood.
by Bob Abbate
in Automotive on Dec 14, 2015
Car sales are booming. November sales data is in, and it was a great month. 1.32 million vehicles were sold in November, that's the best since 2001. Among the winners are Nissan (+3.8%), Fiat Chrysler with their best November in 15 years (+3%). GM is experiencing strong demand for their small crossover SUVS. And t...
Microsoft Makes Peace With Apple in a Holiday...
by Bob Abbate
in Branding on Dec 02, 2015
Working On Your 2016 Marketing Plan? Here's S...
by Bob Abbate
in Branding on Nov 05, 2015
Many of us are working on 2016 ad budgets. It's kind of a crystal ball exercise. You sit down, gather up sales figures, look at ROI, and try to forecast goals and allocate media dollars. When it comes to preparing media estimates, it's helpful to know what the trends are. BIA/Kelsey has published a forecast that p...
Will Cord Cutting Doom TV as We Know It?
by Bob Abbate
in Media on Oct 30, 2015
The short answer... not any time soon. But... 2.5 percent of TV households dropped their cable service in 2015. That number was 2.3 percent in 2005 and 1.5 percent in 2010. But TV is still where the mass market is, especially if you want to reach consumers watching ad-supported programming like sports, news an...
The Facebook Sessions: Advertising Week 2015
by admin
in Uncategorized on Oct 08, 2015
Here are some of the highlights from the Facebook sessions at the just wrapped Advertising Week 2015 in NYC. Some real gems here. Enjoy. ...
Using Foursquare Data To Predict Sales, Store...
by Bob Abbate
in Digital on Sep 25, 2015
Big brother is watching us. Who we are, where ...
Advertising Media Winners and Losers for Q2
by Bob Abbate
in Digital on Sep 22, 2015
The one-line summary... WINNERS: radio, digital and outdoor. LOSERS: magazines, TV and newspapers. [caption id="attachment_1431" align="alignnone" width="300"] US Ad Spending Trends in Q2 2015. (click to enlarge)[/caption] A report issued by Kantar Media shows that although Q2 media spending on platforms the...
Google Local Now Showing 3 Search Results Ins...
by Bob Abbate
in Digital on Aug 10, 2015
In an effort to improve the search results experience, Google has updated how search results appear. Until late last week, a local search would return what we call a "7-pack" of results. Now, the 7-pack is a 3-pack. We're seeing some inconsistencies in what this new search stack includes. Some listings are show...
Small Businesses Share Their Advertising Stra...
by Bob Abbate
in Digital on Jun 24, 2015
This month DEX Media surveyed small businesse...
TV - Flat screen tv question mark
Cable vs. Broadcast TV Advertising
by Bob Abbate
in Media on Jun 23, 2015
Targetability vs. lower cost per person reache...
Google Partners Digital Marketing Presentatio...
by Bob Abbate
in Digital on Jun 18, 2015
Recently, Bob Abbate Marketing and Google presented a special free Google Partners seminar on online marketing in our office here in Bridgeport. For those local business folks that attended, it was a great opportunity to learn from experts from Google and Bob Abbate Marketing. The presentation was followed ...
Digital Advertisers Focus on Branding in 2015
by Bob Abbate
in Branding on Jun 09, 2015
  Conventional wisdom says that businesses use digital advertising to move products and sell services. But as the marketing/advertising norms continue to morph, we see that changing. It's not that we're no longer using digital ads to move product any longer, it's that we're increasingly relying on dig...
Required Reading: KPCB Internet Trends Report
by Bob Abbate
in Digital on May 28, 2015
It's 197 pages of research, and it's a must-read for anyone in business today. Heck, I think it's interesting reading for anyone that uses the Internet for anything! The KPCB 2015 Internet Trends Report is full of drama and surprises. In 1995, 0.6% of the world's population had access to the Internet. By 201...
Google BAM 641w
Register Today! Online Marketing Seminar From...
by admin
in Digital on Apr 30, 2015
   CLICK TO REGISTER Bob Abbate Marketing...
US Adults’ Daily Major Media Consumption Es...
by Ann Rubino-Salta
in Digital on Apr 28, 2015
It’s a trend, but not a surprise. Newspaper readership will see its largest decline in daily usage by the end of this year. What is a surprise is that to those that do read the paper, the ads continue to have a sizable influence on consumers’ purchases. What is also not a surprise is that U.S. adults will s...
Using Copyrighted Music in Commercials: The F...
by Bob Abbate
in Creative on Apr 16, 2015
Every once in a while, a client asks us to use a popular, current or classic song as a music bed in a TV or radio commercial we're producing for them. Our answer is always NO. Not because we're difficult, but because we know copyright law. The use of copyrighted music in advertising used to come up all the time...
Live + Local = Good For Business, Good For Th...
by Bob Abbate
in Media on Apr 14, 2015
I'm a radio guy. It's in my blood. When I was a teenager, I begged for a spot as an intern at WLIR on Long Island. They finally caved in and let me into the studio. 'LIR was what was called a "progressive rock" station, and it had all the trappings of what you would expect from a rock station in the New York ma...
Online Radio’s Reach Continues to Grow
by Bob Abbate
in Digital on Mar 12, 2015
Some 44% of Americans aged 12 and up listen to...
Good Comes From #thedress Internet Sensation
by Bob Abbate
in Art and Design on Mar 06, 2015
Kudos to The Salvation Army of South Africa. T...
Radio Report
How America Listens To Radio
by Bob Abbate
in Media on Mar 04, 2015
Our friends at Nielsen today released a new r...
Celebrating Radio - Why We Love It
by Ann Rubino-Salta
in Radio on Feb 20, 2015
World Radio Day….who knew? Well, apparently ...
VIDEO: Increase Your Market Awareness Using G...
by Bob Abbate
in Digital on Feb 15, 2015
Last week, Bob Abbate Marketing hosted a Google livestream that uncovered valuable info on how increasing market awareness online using Google’s products and tools, your website, online advertising, and analytics can result in more leads and sales for local businesses. If you were there, you enjoyed a free lun...
Livestream Google Event In Bridgeport
by Bob Abbate
in Digital on Feb 10, 2015
BAM will be hosting a special Google Partners Connect event TOMORROW (February 10th) at 12:00 noon at our offices in downtown Bridgeport. This is a great opportunity for small/medium business owners and managers to hear about what's new from the experts at Google. Two speakers from Google will talk about how to...
Super Bowl Tom Brady
Sunday’s Super Bowl Has Broken U.S. Televis...
by Bob Abbate
in Media on Feb 02, 2015
If you've been wondering why commercials in th...
This Super Bowl Ad Will Silence Your Party.
by Bob Abbate
in Branding on Jan 29, 2015
This ad is  guaranteed make even the most raucous Super Bowl party become as silent as a funeral. The 60-second ad, which is based on a real 911 call, is for the NFL’s ‘No More’ campaign. Adweek reports that the NFL donated the airtime and production costs for the ad from Gre...
12% of Music Dollars Now Spent on Satellite R...
by Bob Abbate
in Digital on Jan 28, 2015
For me, silence is deafening. I simply cannot ...
Classic Rock Returns To Hartford On 102.9 The...
by Bob Abbate
in Media on Jan 20, 2015
Change is in the air in Hartford this morning,...
Top 10 Market Radio Ratings Snapshots
by Bob Abbate
in Media on Dec 29, 2014
Here, from Broadcast Connector Clark Smidt, is...
WTNH Meteorologist Erika Martin Exits
by Bob Abbate
in Media on Dec 17, 2014
WTNH New Haven CT meteorologist Erika Martin has left the station. Erika joined WTNH back in 2012. She started out on Good Morning Connecticut, and moved to weeknights and became their Chief Meteorologist in October 2012.                  ...
Authenticity Drives Brand Marketing
by Bob Abbate
in Branding on Nov 18, 2014
Honesty is such a lonely word Everyone is so untrue Honesty is hardly ever heard And mostly what I need from you. "Honesty" by Billy Joel.   Brand authenticity is king. New studies issued by Mindshare North America and Cohn & Wolfe add to that body of research, which seems to agree on a tha...
Story-Culture-Experience rev2
You Gotta Walk The Talk!
by Bob Abbate
in Branding on Oct 20, 2014
This post is meant for our clients, and certainly not for their competitors. It's about your story (...
Baby Boomers
Marketers Show No Love To Baby Boomers
by Courtney Parent
in Research on Sep 08, 2014
Attention marketers: it's time to wake up and ...
RADIO: The Reports Of My Death Are Greatly Ex...
by Ann Rubino-Salta
in Automotive on Sep 05, 2014
Imagine this. What would you say if I offered you this deal. I'll allow you and your brand into a special place. When you're in this place, you'll be able to deliver your brand message to a captive audience. More than half of all Americans will be listening to the messages that you and other select businesses...
Millennials Bought More New Vehicles Than Gen...
by Bob Abbate
in Automotive on Aug 07, 2014
During the first half of this year, Millennials (born 1977-1994) accounted for a larger share of new-vehicle retail sales than Gen Xers (born 1965-1976), the first time this has occurred, per J.D. Power, with the former comprising 26% share of sales and the latter 24% share. Baby Boomers (born 1946-1964) are still...
When You Don't Have Anything To Say, Say It S...
by Bob Abbate
in Branding on Jun 13, 2014
Say you're a large, multinational corporation. Or a giant petroleum company. Or maybe a pharmaceutical conglomerate. And you need a feel-good branding message. Well, here you go. Just slap your logo on the end of this and you're all set!   ...
Mobli People
Live Broadcasting? There’s an App for That!
by Courtney Parent
in Digital on Jun 04, 2014
Video: something that has always been and will...
Fighting to Let Drones Take Flight
by Courtney Parent
in Branding on May 22, 2014
Wouldn't it be amazing to be able to order som...
Phone Book 1
Finally. A Good Use for the Yellow Pages.
by Bob Abbate
in Media on Apr 13, 2014
For the life of me, I can't understand why the...
Reaching Out From Beyond The Grave.
by Bob Abbate
in Great Ads By Others on Feb 25, 2014
I'm not a big fan of celebrity endorsements in advertising. Especially when the endorser is a musical or cultural icon. But I'm kind of intrigued by the latest endorsement. This one is from beyond the grave. Ol' Blue Eyes had a love affair with Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey. I have a great photo of Frank Sina...
The Beatles Perform During The Ed Sullivan Show Bob Abbate Marketing
The Beatles Phenomenon, 50 Years Ago Tonight.
by Bob Abbate
in Media on Feb 09, 2014
At 8 p.m. on Feb. 9, 1963, an unheard-of 60% o...
It Was 30 Years Ago Today...
by Bob Abbate
in Art and Design on Jan 25, 2014
Well, it was 30 years ago this week. January 2...
CTR click-through rate girl
No One Clicks on a TV Ad
by Bob Abbate
in Branding on Jan 23, 2014
I'm sitting here reviewing a report for a recent SEM campaign we ran for a client. I'm seeing click-...
Another Nail in the Coffin of Cable TV
by Bob Abbate
in Media on Jan 21, 2014
Ever wonder why so many people are buying devi...
Five Single-Word Copy Tweaks That Boost ROI
by Bob Abbate
in Uncategorized on Dec 18, 2013
Recently, I was comparing the results of email...
We're Hiring! Social Media, Wordpress, Conten...
by Bob Abbate
in Uncategorized on Dec 16, 2013
Bob Abbate Marketing is looking for our next D...
BAM Christmas Tree
Oh, Christmas Tree
by Bob Abbate
in Uncategorized on Dec 11, 2013
The BAM Christmas Tree went up today. The Bammers donned ye now their gay apparel, and decked the ha...
Goodbye Fairfield Weekly
Advocate and Weekly Newspapers Cease Publishi...
by Bob Abbate
in Media on Nov 27, 2013
Seems like so many of our favorite things have...
BAM opportunity
by Bob Abbate
in Recruitment on Nov 20, 2013
Bob Abbate Marketing is creating opportunities and jobs. We’re a talented, hard working group of c...
Cord Cutters Going Mobile
by Bob Abbate
in Digital on Oct 31, 2013
Is it me, or are there more and more people cu...
"There are seven days in the week and Someday isn't one of them."
Which Top Brands Enjoy The Best Word-of-Mouth...
by Bob Abbate
in Branding on Oct 23, 2013
Companies should move beyond the Net Promoter ...
Are You Optimistic About Your Business In The...
by Bob Abbate
in Branding on Oct 17, 2013
I'm always "taking the temperature" of our cli...
Are You Chromophobic?
by Jeanne Rolston
in Art and Design on Sep 25, 2013
How do you respond to art, design, and color? Do you think Graphic Design is ART? I do. When I c...
Ability of Companies to Expense Advertising C...
by Bob Abbate
in Media on Sep 18, 2013
Clark Rector, exec VP for the American Advertising Federation, is among industry lobbyists who worry the expensing of advertising costs will be targeted in a tax code overhaul underway in Congress. Advertising is the spark plug of our economy. Remove the spark plug and the economy slows to a crawl. Some in Washin...
Auto Report July 2013
Report: Local Auto Dealers To Spend More on O...
by Bob Abbate
in Automotive on Sep 16, 2013
Did you see the Borrell Associates report? Bor...
"If you want creative workers, give them enough time to play."
John Cleese
Passion Makes Success Possible
by Ann Rubino-Salta
in Uncategorized on Sep 10, 2013
In a recent Facebook post, Bob said, and I quote, "I love this business!" Here's the back story behind that post. We had just wrapped up an excellent client meeting. The client was all smiles. By following our marketing plan, his company has experienced significant results and is subsequently adding 5 new retai...
#Hashtag #Use #Out #Of #Control!
by Bob Abbate
in Media on Aug 30, 2013
Stop! Please stop! I'm begging all of you to please stop over-using hashtags! I certainly understand the proper use of the hashtag, and why it can be a useful,  valuable tool in social media. The hashtag was invented as a way for Twitter users to categorize their messages, and make topics and events easier to sea...
"If you want the best the world has to offer, offer the world your best."
Neale Donald Walsch
Fox Sports 1 Off To A Strong Start
by Bob Abbate
in Uncategorized on Aug 19, 2013
Fox Sports 1 premiered to approximately 90 million subscriber homes when it launched this past Saturday. Their broadcast of UFC Fight Night: Shogun vs. Sonnen drew an average of 1.7 million viewers in primetime (8-11 p.m. ET), according to Nielsen Media Research Fast National data. "We must congratulate the ...
Are You A Quack Addict?
by Bob Abbate
in Media on Aug 15, 2013
11.8 million quack-heads tuned in to watch the season 4 premier of Duck Dynasty last night. This quacks me up! OK, no more quack comments, I promise. But this really blows me away. Last night's showing of this hugely popular series gave A&E its biggest audience ever. EVER! This tribe of millionaire fowl...
Twitter and TV in a Mutually Beneficial Relat...
by Bob Abbate
in Digital on Aug 08, 2013
Ever since hashtags have been showing up on TV, we've been talking with every client that would listen about the synergy between social media and traditional media. Now, finally, we have credible research that verifies that we're right. According to a new independent survey by Nielsen, there is now statistical evi...
"It's easier to go down a hill than up it, but the view is much better at the top."
Henry Ward Beecher
Nielsen: TV Continues to Post Above-Average G...
by Bob Abbate
in Digital on Jul 26, 2013
We usually report on local and regional trends here at, but this global media research confirms what we see happening here in the local media marketplace. When compared with radio, outdoor, newspapers, magazines, cinema, and internet display advertising, Nielsen reveals that TV captured 59% ...
There's Magic in the Local Media Mix
by Ann Rubino-Salta
in Media on Jul 22, 2013
Recently I read an article about one topic that we talk with our clients about on a regular basis. A smart media mix! Here at Bob Abbate Marketing we promote a media mix that includes traditional media as well as social/digital media. Through this mix of media, we're able to reach out to our clients' potential cus...
"Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work."
Gallup: TV Still Main News Source
by Bob Abbate
in Media on Jul 08, 2013
More than half (55%) of American adults still say they turn to TV for news about current events, with Fox News Channel as the leading source, according to a new poll by Gallup. Of those 55%, 26% simply said television or TV news while 8% said Fox News, 7% identified CNN and 4% cited local news. 21% of poll respond...
"Never give up, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn."
Harriet Beecher Stowe
To Click or Not to Click: What Makes Consumer...
by Bob Abbate
in Digital on Jul 03, 2013
We spend lots of time here at BAM figuring out what we can say in an ad that will make a consumer sit up and take notice. Now there's some research that indicates that we've on the right track. The research shows that 37% of 18-64 year olds indicate that they will click, watch or pay attention to an ad if it is fo...
"There is always room at the top."
Daniel Webster
Nik Wallenda Scores on Discovery
by Bob Abbate
in Research on Jun 24, 2013 Live coverage on Discovery Channel of tightrope walker Nik Wallenda crossing the Grand Canyon, “Skywire Live With Nik Wallenda,” reached a considerable 10.68 million viewers on Sunday from 9:10-10:20 p.m., generating 1.3 million tweets to become the No. 1 most social show across al...
Apple's Newest TV Commercial... Adrift at Sea...
by Bob Abbate
in Branding on Jun 12, 2013
I'm an Apple guy. The day after the awesome 1984 TV spot aired, I was at the computer store (there were no Apple stores) ordering my first Macintosh. I was hooked. I saw that the Macintosh was more than a computer. It was, and is, a tool that empowers me to be creative. It allows me to think about my work without ...
Bob Abbate Marketing - Traditional Media Outlook 2017
US Traditional Media Outook, 2013-2017
by Bob Abbate
in Uncategorized on Jun 07, 2013
PwC has issued its annual “Entertainment & M...
Value At The Core Of Advertising
by Bob Abbate
in Branding on Jun 03, 2013
I read an article in yesterday's New York Times that make me stop and think. Have today's packaged goods companies and their Madison Avenue agencies become so detached from the American consumer that they have forgotten about one of the core desires of today's consumers? Value is at the heart of what shoppers and ...
"Dumb Ways To Die" Lives
by Bob Abbate
in TV on May 28, 2013 I'm not big on advertising awards shows and competitions. So many of the ads that are entered seem to have been created purely to win awards. The ads we create are created to get results. Our budgets have no room for fluff. But this ad, this ad is different. It's utterly simple, assu...
Kmart's Big Gas Viral
by Bob Abbate
in Uncategorized on May 23, 2013
On the heels of their "Ship My Pants" TV commercial, KMart launched another wonderfully edgy spot last night. Using an equally slippery play on words, this spot promotes Kmart's gas stations (I didn't know they had gas stations)....
Digital Advertising Advice for Your Small Bus...
by Bob Abbate
in Uncategorized on May 22, 2013
We recently made a media recommendation to one of clients for an initial run of commercials on Pandora. Pandora was projecting lots of impressions for us, all concentrated exclusively in the client's marketing area, and at a reasonable CPM. The idea of seeing AND hearing our ad content simultaneously is appealing,...
Bob speaking at a BRBC seminar on marketing strategy.
“Creative without strategy is called ‘art.’ Creative with strategy is called ‘advertising’.”
Jef I. Richards
Is Mountain Dew's "Goat" Ad Racist?
by Bob Abbate
in TV on May 20, 2013
Pepsi's newest Mountain Dew "Goat" ad has been targeted as being "the most racist ad ever" by some critics. Do you think it is racist, or is this an overreaction? ...
Reports of Demise of Radio Are Premature
by Bob Abbate
in Radio on May 17, 2013
No one has ever accused Bob Abbate Marketing of being anti-radio. A couple of us spent many years toiling at the foot of radio broadcast towers, including yours truly. So it always struck a nerve wit us when we hear anyone say "Radio? No one listens to radio anymore". Here's some research that shows that 7 in 10 A...
Meet The New Boss...
by Bob Abbate
in Radio on May 16, 2013
... same as the old boss? With apologies to The Who, we hope so! Westport CT based Connoisseur Media is now the proud new owner of some of our favorite local radio stations. Connoisseur's deal to purchase WEZN (Star 99.9), WPLR, WFOX (95.9 The Fox), and a broadcast service agreement to operate Yale's WYBC closed t...
The 12 Best/Worst Local Business Taglines
by Bob Abbate
in Branding on May 08, 2013
I've seen some terrible taglines in my career (of course, none of them were mine). But some of these, well, they are bad! But... that guy Sofa King, he's got what could be the best tagline EVER. What do you think? Take a look....
Google Doodle Celebrates Graphic Designer
by Bob Abbate
in Art and Design on May 08, 2013 I'm thrilled to see that Google is honoring cinematic title designer superhero Saul Bass in today's Google Doodle. Bass is the genius behind some of Hollywood's best movie intros. Today's video Doodle features designs that echo the following films: Psycho, The Man with the Golden Arm...
New iPhone TV Spot - Well Done!
by Bob Abbate
in Great Ads By Others on May 06, 2013
Apple's advertising has always inspired me. From "1984", the spot that introduced the Macintosh, to "Think Different", Apple has always entertained and informed, and broke new ground. It seems that since the passing of Steve Jobs, Apple's creativity has been on a sort of vacation. Until now. "Photos Every Day" ...
Advertising Makes a Difference
by Jeanne Rolston
in Uncategorized on May 06, 2013
Advertising can be funny, entertaining, annoying, and in some cases mindblowingly (word?) VITAL. Here is a brilliant use of technology aimed at helping children who need help. Watch this- and discuss!...
Are you Just Like Don Draper?
by Bob Abbate
in Uncategorized on May 06, 2013
It happens all the time. Really. Whenever I'm out and about at a social event, dinner, fundraiser, etc. When the conversation turns to "So Bob, what do you do? "Oh, I'm in the advertising business. I run an ad agency." Inevitably... the next words I here are "Oh, like Don Draper?" Apparently everyone is watchin...
Differentiate or Die
by Bob Abbate
in Branding on May 03, 2013
This brilliant cartoon just about sums up how I feel about positioning of brands. You can be an also-ran, or you can be unique. Are you ready to shake things up, or are you satisfied with the status quo?...
Keep Oakland Clean
by Bob Abbate
in Great Ads By Others on May 03, 2013
The city of Oakland, California is coming back, however the city suffers from a nasty litter problem. To further Keep Oakland Beautiful's mission of creating and sustaining a beautiful, clean, green and litter-free city, the campaign shows just how bad litter can be. Kudos to Campbell Ewald (CE), the creative age...
Get Down For Newtown Billboard
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The Hispanic Radio Phenomenon
by Bob Abbate
in Radio on May 03, 2013
I saw this post on RBR this morning (RBR is a radio trade website). Although written for radio broadcasters, it makes a point that we've seen developing over the last few years, that the Hispanic population is growing, and, in many markets, it can be successfully influenced by advertising on a growing number of Hi...
Reminder: Do Not Show a Man Having Sex With a...
by Bob Abbate
in Uncategorized on May 02, 2013
Of all the images to take from British TV series Black Mirror, the one that made a billboard for Australian TV network Studio was of a man doing the underpants Charleston with a pig. Cable provider Foxtel issued an apology in response to the immediate blowback, and it's as spineless as the offending image was ...
"In advertising, not to be different is virtual suicide."
Thornton Wilder
"If you don't advertise,
you fossilize."
Ancient Advertising Wisdom, Still True Today.
by Bob Abbate
in Uncategorized on Apr 29, 2013
I've never seen a business fail due to "reaching the wrong people." So why does every business owner instinctively believe that "reaching the right people" is the key to successful advertising? Who, exactly, do you not want to know about you? Who isn't qualified to repeat the good things they've heard about...
3 Paths Toward a More Creative Life.
by Jeanne Rolston
in Art and Design on Apr 28, 2013
Disconnect/Reconnect/Create! I look forward to reading every night as a before-sleep ritual. Sometimes I am not even paying attention to the words; just the action reading the thoughts of another is soothing, and I can go on a journey - listen to someone else’s story. I like books made of paper. I like the smel...
Do You Unplug When You're Winding Down?
by Bob Abbate
in Digital on Apr 24, 2013
I just came back from a lunch meeting where a colleague asked me if my girlfriend knows about my smartphone addiction yet. So you can understand why I laughed when I checked my email and found this report. According to a new report from Prosper Insights & Analytics, the majority of mobile users can't live with...
ESPN, CBS, SEC to Form New Sports Net
by Bob Abbate
in Uncategorized on Apr 16, 2013
April 16, 2013 • ESPN and the Southeastern Conference on Tuesday will formally announce the launch of a new sports network devoted to the 14 member schools. ESPN and CBS will hand over an estimated $205 million per year for the broadcast rights. In spite of what ESPN and CBS might think, playing football is ...
Survey Shows Although Men Are Shopping More, ...
by Bob Abbate
in Digital on Apr 12, 2013
A recent survey by Nielsen shows that although...
Automakers Prep For Big Ad Spending
by Bob Abbate
in Digital on Apr 01, 2013
General Motors, Volkswagen and Hyundai are preparing to boost their ad outlays for 2013, Ad Age reports. Alan Batey of General Motors believes there is a pent-up consumer desire for new cars and trucks that they couldn't or didn't buy during the recession. He adds that the financial environment to buy a car righ...
Social Sharing Icons Boost Email CTRs
by Bob Abbate
in Digital on Apr 01, 2013
Emails that include social sharing buttons have a click-through rate 158% higher than those do not (6.2% vs. 2.4%), according to a new study from GetReponse. That represents an even bigger boost than the 115% jump noted in the researchers’ study last year. More here:
Reaching "Second Screeners"
by Bob Abbate
in Digital on Apr 01, 2013
According to eMarketer, among those with a smartphone, TV and computer, 60% are multitasking while watching TV. The implications and opportunities for advertisers are huge. Accorting to the research, the more screens you have, the more likely it is that you will engage in multitasking. We're talking beyond the sec...
BAM Drives Fans To Downtown Bridgeport
by Bob Abbate
in Downtown on Mar 12, 2013
March 30th was a sunny Saturday, Thousands of fans arrived for what would turn out to be a day of fun and basketball in downtown Bridgeport. And Bridgeport was ready. The city, the Bridgeport Regional Business Council, and the Downtown Special Services District (a BAM client) had worked hard to make sure that fans...