The BAM Creative Process

Advertising is a maze of different types of roads. Paths, trails, roads and highways. Each requires a different creative strategy. What works on a highway simply won’t work on a hiking trail. For example, multiple calls to action (CTAs) may be appropriate in a newspaper ad, maybe in a TV commercial. But attempts to slide multiple CTAs into a radio commercial could be a mistake. Try cramming multiple CTAs into SEM, a tweet or a banner ad. You’ve got to know what’s appropriate for the road you’re on.

Jumping into the creative process before first understanding the strategy is like jumping into a pool before filling it with water. BAM’s proprietary process for developing creative advertising that works has been developed and honed over years of use, and always starts with strategy.

• As a partner in your business, we work hard to get a strategic view of your business. Then, and only then can we develop new ideas for creative advertising. Of all the things prospective clients are looking for when they come to us, new ideas and a new direction is by far number one. New ideas are the secret sauce, the unique ingredient in our creative recipe.

• We base every creative concept on strategy and research. If an ad is cute or witty, but doesn’t satisfy a marketing goal, it will never deliver ROI, and it will never make it passed our Creative Director’s desk.

• We dig deep. During the “getting to know you” phase of our client onboarding process, we work hard to get your input, to discover what your company’s goals and objectives are, to understand the marketing and branding challenges at hand.

• Not only do we get to know you and your brand, we do competitive research. We get to know your competitors, their strengths and weaknesses. We seek out opportunities that can be exploited, market share that can be grabbed.

• Armed with this data, we can now begin developing the creative brief. This phase allows us to work with you to position your brand, determine what differentiates your products and services, and identify what makes your company unique. We define the target audience, their beliefs, lifestyles, perceptions, and demographics. We decide what action we want then to take, and what the brand promise is. Then we define the tone or “brand personality” we will use in your brand’s marketing, in ad copy as well as in social media conversations.

• Now we brainstorm. This process usually involves copious amounts of strong coffee, bagels, pizza, and at times, beer. Good brainstorming needs nourishment. Garbage in, garbage out. Like a good sauce, the creative recipe cannot be rushed. But unlike cooking, the more chefs in the BAM brainstorming kitchen, the better. You never know where the next breakthrough idea may come from.  Great creative brainstorming is magical. If you’ve seen the scotch and cigarette fueled process on Mad Men, you get the idea. It takes an open mind to recognize the right creative gem.

The braintrust at BAM makes the difference. We hire the best. We have built an environment that fosters creativity, We take the time to develop insightful relations with clients that care. We partner with clients who embrace change, who love great creative ideas.  We have built a creative culture that generates breakthrough advertising. We work exclusively with clients who are passionate about their brand, who want breakthrough creative advertising, who are willing to put it all out there to win the marketing battle.

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