Media Buying

Media planning and buying is the process of strategizing, analyzing all the media choices, choosing the best media, negotiating, and finally purchasing ad time on the respective media.

When planning which media to purchase, we take into consideration the product or service being advertised, target audience, and campaign goals. Not only are we responsible for making the initial purchase, but we continue to optimize performance throughout the entire campaign lifecycle.

The Bob Abbate Marketing Media Buying Process:

1. Identify Your Audience

Together, we develop a clear understanding of your target audience and the things that influence the purchasing decisions that they make. Whether you have a specific product or service you need to promote, or you’re simply trying to get your brand into the right social circles, we need make sure that you’re reaching the right audience.

2. Plan the Campaign

The success of a great media buying campaign comes down to a great deal of planning, researching and analyzing the media that best fits the demographics of the product or service you are promoting.

3. Create a Budget (and stick to it)

At Bob Abate Marketing, we recognize that we’re spending your money, not ours. We’re respectful of that and are careful to stay within the approved budget. Having a budget that has been clearly defined ahead of time is an important step in planning and managing the media buy. With the approved budget, we can determine the best media to use in order to reach your goals. Knowing how to eliminate waste is a crucial part of our success.

4. Analyze and Adjust the Campaign

We analyze the various media choices, create a media strategy, and decide on which media to go with by studying their strengths and if they can efficiently deliver the audience we are targeting. Then we compare those that offer the most competitive rates for the best advertisement times/positions. Once the buy is done, we monitor it throughout the campaign to make sure we continue to receive all that was promised.

5. Track Everything, Quantify the Results

Just like anything else in marketing, great media buying is all about making sure that you track everything and analyze your results. From calculating ROI on digital campaigns to tracking ad placements on radio and TV, we pay attention to all these details on each and every campaign. We continually evaluate the response and tweak the media plan if necessary.

6. Creativity

Once the media buy is in place, we develop appropriate creative designed to grab your audience’s attention. This means not only thinking about how your advertisement is going to sound on the radio, or look on a billboard or TV but also when it shows up on a desktop screen, tablet, or mobile device. We pride ourselves in creating one consistent, attention-getting message throughout all the media.

Does your brand have a carefully crafted media strategy, or have you just been throwing more and more dollars at the media and hoping for results? There’s a better way. Our way. BAM boldly builds better brands.