Planet Fitness

The Connecticut owners of a group of Planet Fitness gyms wanted to build a stronger chain, and solidify their dominance of the market. They started with 9 clubs in various locations throughout the state.

Bob Abbate Marketing was challenged to develop and coordinate an advertising campaign with broad reach, creative appeal and plenty of room to flex. The campaign had to have the strength to penetrate the marketplace. It was clear this would be a workout.

Consumers were introduced to Planet Fitness, and to their clean, comfortable, non-intimidating atmosphere, and were enticed to join the judgement-free zone through the targeted us of direct mail, print ads, radio and television. By flexing our media muscles, we negotiate efficient yet powerful buys, adhere to stringent franchise brand regulations and maximize the return on investment for the franchisees of each individual club.

Result: Within months, club owners saw an increase in memberships and additional daily traffic. Planet Fitness is now the largest group of fitness clubs in Connecticut, as well as in the country. They currently have 27 locations in Connecticut alone, and over 600 across the USA.

Media: Direct Mail, TV, Print, Outdoor, Radio, Digital