For people who think that art is a superfluous luxury, check out these ingenious 3D illustrations, designed to slow down traffic and keep pedestrians and drivers safe.

In this story from Artnet News, artists around the world have created arresting images to help people stay safe:

Who needs a speed bump when street art will do the trick? A number of cities around the around the world are using an optical illusion to trick drivers into thinking there’s an obstacle in the road to slow down traffic. In reality, it’s just a crosswalk that’s been painted to appear like a 3-D roadblock.

The stripes, sometimes called a zebra crossing, appear to be floating in midair, like white blocks hovering above the street. Viewed from above, the painting looks like a row of levitating walls. The unexpected artwork was created by street painting company Vegmálun GÍH.

The hope is that the optical illusion will do its part in reducing the number of car accidents and pedestrian fatalities. Distracted drivers are a well-documented danger. With a 3-D crosswalk looming up ahead, they may be forced to pay more attention.

Bob Abbate Marketing also uses art with a purpose: We strive to deliver a clear and concise message, to direct a viewer’s direction, perception and recognition of the brands we advertise. The balancing act between utility and beauty is the job of our art team, and, oh yes, all under tight deadlines too!

Jeanne Rolston is Senior Art Director at Bob Abbate Marketing. Jeanne translates client messages into striking, effective and convincing visual advertising. A devout follower of all things artistic, including fashion, food, theatre and screen, Jeanne feels that rich visuals are like nutrition for the mind and soul.