Want to get your message out there in a BIG way? Digital billboards are here to stay, and they’re a BAM specialty. Our BIG creative designs are on display in cities and towns around the country.

One of the advantages of digital billboards is immediacy. As soon as a client approves one of our outdoor campaigns, a digital billboard can be uploaded and displayed in a matter of minutes through our partners in the industry.

Digital billboards use the same technology as traffic advisory signs on Interstate highways. The data is entered on a computer and transmitted by cellular network in a matter of minutes or even seconds. They are actually quite cost-effective compared to older methods of creating billboards which are printed and manually wrapped onto the billboard structure. And digital billboards allow several advertisers to share the billboard space, and that saves money.

Many times we have a client with several messages to display. We can create any number of designs to show in rotation on a given board. And if there is a change to a message, like a drop in price on an advertised item, we can change the message in an instant. No need to print and install a new vinyl wrap.



Of course, there is still great value in printing a vinyl and leaving it up for an extended period of time. If you have a general branding message or just one exhibit to promote over a month-long period, a static billboard is the way to go. Since you’re not sharing the space with anyone, all eyes will be on your board all the time, in high traffic and low traffic, instead of only 1/6 of the time. More eyes mean more brand awareness.

Maybe you want to catch attention with an extension. Digital billboards are boxes; your message and graphics need to fit inside the box. If you want to think outside the box, you can purchase static billboard with an extension as illustrated in this board we designed for Planet Fitness

Extensions can be designed to go a few feet off the top or side of the billboard, and allow you to get really creative. They also attract more attention than a regular billboard.

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Jeanne Rolston is Senior Art Director at Bob Abbate Marketing. Jeanne translates client messages into striking, effective and convincing visual advertising. A devout follower of all things artistic, including fashion, food, theatre and screen, Jeanne feels that rich visuals are like nutrition for the mind and soul.