If you were watching Super Bowl, and you live in select markets, you might have caught Reddit’s 5 second ad. If you live elsewhere, or if you were busy grabbing more wings, here it is. Don’t blink:


Reddit didn’t actually purchase a national spot in the CBS broadcast. They place spot buys in 9 of the 10 top media markets. Brilliant. The buzz on the interwebs today is through the roof. You see, the real value of an ad in the big game isn’t in the ROI a brand gets from the ad that runs once in the game at a $5.5 million cost, it’s in the post-airing buzz. And Reddit figured out how to minimize the investment while maximizing the return.

Referencing the recent activity of the Reddit army in inflating the stock price of GameStop, the spot said “If you’re reading this, it means our bets paid off. One thing we learned from our communities last week is that underdogs can accomplish just about anything when we come together around a common area.”

Most other Super Bowl spots were lackluster, with a few exceptions. Here’s WatchMojo’s Top 10:

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