With more and more retail shoppers making buying decisions without ever stepping in to a retail store, It’s more important than ever to seek out better ways to court and engage with new customers. Consumers form opinions on brands at each and every touchpoint. The customer journey may start with media impressions, email marketing, or social media. But unless the brand impressions and personalized customer interactions delivered at those touchpoints is aligned with your brand standards, you may never convert that prospective customer. Personalized social media interactions, chat bots, live chat, site layout, and ultimately brick and mortar execution of brand standards all provide a more cohesive brand experience that can make conversions more likely to happen.

This article entitled “Customer Engagement In Retail: Online vs Offline” from our friends at Zoho shows how offline and online customer engagement differs. It also paints a picture of what strategies som other brands are using to boost sales.

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Bob Abbate is the President and Creative Director of Bob Abbate Marketing. During his career, Bob has worked with national brands like Nissan, Sony, Apple, Ford, McDonald’s, Anheuser-Busch, Snapple, and Planet Fitness, as well as hundreds of the best known local companies.