I recently read a post on Hubspot titled “9 Proven Tactics of a Successful Local Facebook Marketing Strategy.” The post outlines some Facebook marketing strategies that local businesses can use to drive traffic.

After reading this post,  I stopped and thought about my own experience with Facebook marketing. You may say, “well, Ann, you’re a marketer, a professional. Does any of this surprise you?” Of course, none of the tactics listed here surprised me. However, after all the years in the advertising business, I’m still awed by the advertising business, what we do, and how it influences consumers.

During this holiday season, as I’ve been scrolling through my news feed, like many of you, I’ve come across all kinds of ads. Because I’m a marketer, I stop and make note of the companies that are advertising these products. By the way, I’m also a consumer. And a shopper… a good one! It’s exciting for me to observe my OWN behavior as I’ve been scrolling. I’ve stopped, clicked and bought! Advertising works!

But what makes advertising sizzle? Those companies that understand the concept of multi-media marketing get me most excited. When I see their ad in my Facebook feed, hear them on radio, then see them on TV, they become part of my life. My conversation which turns into “word of mouth” advertising.

But with so many products and services vying for attention on Facebook… who do you believe? Who can you trust? Well, you can trust a friend, right? That’s how online reviews work. One of the top Facebook marketing strategies is “Share Reviews”.….which, as they say is…”priceless”. Here’s what that Hubspot post says about online reviews:

Standing out can be difficult when you’re surrounded by hundreds of other businesses all vying for attention. The key often lies in using social proof. People trust businesses that can prove what they say is true — especially if that proof comes from a customer.

Here are two review tactics we use:

  • Share screenshots of positive reviews from other social sites.
  • Ask customers to share the experience they’ve had with your business.

Screenshot positive reviews on sites like Yelp and Google+, and then share them on your Facebook page. Tag the reviewer’s business in your post with a sincere “Thank you,”, or just happily boast that you have the best customers. Sharing screenshots of emails from happy customers works too, just be sure you ask permission first.

You may think these tactics are easy to employ. While, sure, some may not be hard to do, but it’s the proper execution of these tactics that is key. You have a business to run and that’s your expertise. That’s where we come in. At Bob Abbate Marketing, we have that marketing expertise. We’re masters of the multi-media approach. We can develop a campaign that combines a killer Facebook campaign with a killer TV campaign, a kick-ass radio campaign, a targeted search campaign (we’re certified Google Partners,) all with a cohesive look and feel that will become part of your customers’ lives and conversation, much like those many campaigns that became a part of mine.

Great advertising is a win-win-win for all. Want to discover how a strategically targeted multimedia campaign can benefit your business. Let’s talk! Just give us your contact info, or reach out to us online.

Ann Salta

Ann Salta

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