This ad is  guaranteed make even the most raucous Super Bowl party become as silent as a funeral.

The 60-second ad, which is based on a real 911 call, is for the NFL’s ‘No More’ campaign. Adweek reports that the NFL donated the airtime and production costs for the ad from Grey New York after 2014 was riddled with scandals for the league involving players Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson.

The video shows a messy house with items thrown around. The audio is of a woman calling 911 pretending to order a pizza because she isn’t able to talk to the dispatcher at that time. The operator is able to hear her hidden cry for help and assures her that police will be there soon.

I hope this ad will inspire those who are victims of this type of abuse to get help.

Some advertising tugs at my heartstrings. This one makes me proud to be in the ad business. Well done.