Buyers are coming back, is your business ready to reach them? Are you doing all you can to invite them to shop at your store, dine at your restaurant, purchase a car from your dealership or use your services? We’ve assembled a panel of advertising industry experts to share their ideas and strategies on how to best position your business to increase sales and capture market share.


Bob Abbate, President/Creative Director, Bob Abbate Marketing ([email protected])

Kristin Okesson, SVP, Connoisseur Media ([email protected])

Jim Simonetti, Area Sales Manager, Effectv/Comcast ([email protected])

Brian Blair, Digital Specialist, Bob Abbate Marketing ([email protected])

Eric Lambert, Local Sales Manager, Lamar Advertising Company ([email protected])

This webinar was originally streamed on May 22, 2020. Presented by Bob Abbate Marketing, and sponsored by the Bridgeport Regional Business Council.


Bob Abbate is the President/Creative Director of Bob Abbate Marketing, an expert legacy and digital advertising agency based in Connecticut. You can reach Bob at 203-916-4387 or at [email protected]. During these times, every business should have a marketing plan, and use that marketing as a platform to stand up and deliver a real, empathetic and honest message. BAM is here to help you choose the right words, the right message, and the right media.