Meet The New Boss...

… same as the old boss? With apologies to The Who, we hope so! Westport CT based Connoisseur Media is now the proud new owner of some of our favorite local radio stations. Connoisseur’s deal to purchase WEZN (Star 99.9), WPLR, WFOX (95.9 The Fox), and a broadcast service agreement to operate Yale’s WYBC closed this week. We loved the way former owner Cox Media Group (now with an additional $40 million in their wallet) operated the stations. We expect to see the same high level of broadcast professionalism from Connoisseur… dedication to detail, commitment to good programming, attention to building a great team, a long term focus on marketing the stations, and a devotion to building responsible and accountable relations with clients and agencies. We wish Connoisseur CEO Jeffrey Warshaw and the rest of his team the best of luck. You’ve got some great people great stations to work with!


  1. Ginger Ballou says:

    And we expect to continue to work with the awesome team at Bob Abbate Marketing. Onward and Upward!

  2. Diane Stroman says:

    So glad to see that 94.3 WYBC is still going to be on the air.

    • admin says:

      Diane – I’m glad they’re on the air too. WYBC is a breath of fresh air, playing tunes I don’t get to hear elsewhere.

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