Early in my career, a powerful and successful New York City retailer said to me “Bob… retail ain’t for wimps.” He was my Yoda, and I was a young Jedi, and he taught me how to “use the force.” My decade as a retailer in the consumer electronics and appliance categories taught me a valuable yet obvious lesson… sales don’t happen if customers aren’t coming through the door.

Back then, my #1 job was to increase sales by creating, planning and placing media advertising that would drive buyers into my stores.  What drives sales in retail today?  More than ever, an integrated media strategy is paramount.  A three prong multimedia approach is your best bet:

First, creative media advertising with a tight and right brand message leverages the branding ability and reach of traditional media like TV, cable, radio and outdoor. Next, layer in digital banner ads, organic and paid social media content to reach your geographic and demographic targets. Finally, add in the lower funnel reach and targeting of search engine marketing (SEM).

Because so many luxury and high ticket retail purchases are “considered purchases,” today’s consumers spend a lot of time online researching brands, models and features (and yes, price.) But once they get further down the funnel to “where to buy” decisions are made, the retailer with a clearly defined brand that has been well communicated in traditional and digital advertising will win.

Bob Abbate Marketing was recently retained by a client who sells high ticket and luxury products. Over the last year or so, they poured almost 100% of their marketing spend into search engine marketing. They spent so much time responding to requests from comparison shoppers who would never buy from them that it put them in a tough position. They lost market share, their margins suffered, and they basically became “invisible” in the minds of consumers in their primary marketing area.

photo: The Gazette Review

Work on your brand strategy, refine your value propositions, hone your creative advertising messages, produce great commercials, work with a certified Google Partner (like BAM), and get busy! By the way, creating traffic is still my #1 job, but today we do it for dozens of clients here at BAM. Interested in finding out about how Bob Abbate Marketing can help you drive traffic and boost sales? Let’s talk


Bob Abbate is the President and Creative Director of Bob Abbate Marketing. During his career, Bob has worked with national brands like Nissan, Sony, Bosch, McDonald’s, Anheuser-Busch, Snapple, and Planet Fitness, as well as hundreds of the best branded local companies.