I’m not a big fan of celebrity endorsements in advertising. Especially when the endorser is a musical or cultural icon. But I’m kind of intrigued by the latest endorsement. This one is from beyond the grave.

Ol’ Blue Eyes had a love affair with Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey. I have a great photo of Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin hanging on the wall in my office. They’re seated at a table, and smack in the center of the table is a bottle of Jack. Frank never appeared on stage without a glass of Jack. Three rocks, two fingers and a splash of water. He did it his way.

Sinatra Select is a a super-premium version of Jack Daniel’s inspired by its greatest fan. The marketer of the brand plans to spend about $2.3 million in media on a campaign to promote Sinatra Select. The media buy includes TV broadcast programming such as ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live” and NBC’s “The Tonight Show” as well as cable outlets including ESPN, FX, Discovery and Comedy Central. The campaign also includes digital and print.

16 years after his death, Mr. Sinatra is about to become a pitchman. Take a look at his latest performance. Then call me, we’ll order up a couple of Jacks. Three rocks, two fingers and a splash. Cent’anni!