Ever wonder why so many people are buying devices like the AppleTV and Roku, and are big users of Hulu and Netflix?








Could it be because they’re tired of being overcharged for cable TV service? Cable operators and broadcasters are so busy fighting with each other that they don’t realize that it’s the consumer who is getting hurt. They are tired of these charges.  Me, I’ve got an AppleTV and a Google Chromecast at home, and I like them. I haven’t cut the cord yet, nor do I think I’ll be doing so any time soon. But I know lots of people that have.

From RBR.com: Comcast has joined a few other MVPDs who are charging consumers an added “Broadcast TV Fee.” The fee is being blamed on broadcaster retransmission hikes, but as DSLreports.com notes, Comcast, like the others is double dipping by tacking this new fee on below the line (to falsely keep advertised rates the same). A notice being sent to users states the $1.50 (or greater) fee should start showing up on user bills 1/22.

RBR-TVBR observation: Just another bizarre line item on your bill that really ends up increasing the overall monthly fee by some 15% or so beyond the package you signed up for. In a way it’s good to know how much of your bill is going to local broadcast retransmission fees, but why try to keep it separate from advertised packages? Are they going to add another line item that charges for retransmission fees from cable networks too? Can you say, “false advertising?”

Read more at http://rbr.com/comcast-adds-broadcast-tv-fee/#eRHdmq3CZzhgdc4I.99