Welcome sports fans! Like most of us, and especially those of us in the ad biz, I watch the Super Bowl to see the commercials as well as the game. What will Budweiser present this year? Another Clydesdale spot? How many advertisiers will incorporate a social media element into their spots? And what about Pepsi? The intel says they’ll be back with supermodel Cindy Crawford, recreating her iconic 1992 Big Game spot.

My personal favorite Super Bowl commercial of all time is a commercial that aired just once, but changed the world. It was Apple’s famous “1984” commercial for the then-new Macintosh, created by Ridley Scott, airing during the ’84 Super Bowl. The LA Times called 1984 “the only great Super Bowl commercial ever.”

The best place to discover what’s on tap (so to speak) for the big game this year is Adweek’s Super Bowl LII Ad Tracker. There you’ll find a frequently updated list of all the national (plus a few regional) commercials that will come into play during the Big Game on Feb. 4th.

Want to advertise your brand in the Super Bowl on Feb. 4th? We’d love to help! But alas, NBC reportedly is sold out of ad slots for Super Bowl LII at “north of $5 million per 30-second spot.” But hey, there’s always next year! Interested in finding out about how Bob Abbate Marketing can help you score against the competition? Let’s talk.

See you on game day!

Bob Abbate is the President and Creative Director of Bob Abbate Marketing. During his career, Bob has worked with national brands like Nissan, Sony, Bosch, McDonald’s, Anheuser-Busch, Snapple, and Planet Fitness, as well as hundreds of the best branded local companies.