Pivot…. I never thought I’d use that word so many times in a short period of time. When Covid-19 descended on us, pivot is what we had to do and had to do quickly.

Back in March, at Covid’s outset, BAM worked with our clients to craft appropriate advertising that adhered to each client’s brand standards. These ads had to be sensitive to the new realities of Covid while adhering to the brand standards we previously created for their businesses. These “Covid-appropriate ads” had to be compassionate to the “new normal.” As their trusted partner and advisor, Bob Abbate Marketing worked closely with clients to adapt to the changing times.

We had to pivot. We had to figure out new ways to help our clients help their customers. We had to rework their websites to make sure information and instruction was readily available during a time when information was changing on a daily, even hourly basis. Everything was changing. How to shop, when to shop, curbside pickup, socially distanced shopping, Zoom shopping appointments. Everything. As a trusted partner, BAM was there to help make our clients’ lives easier by taking care of all those details.

We had to rework marketing plans. The world changed overnight. Media plans had to be re-examined to make sure our commercials were positioned effectively. For example, sports virtually disappeared overnight. All those media plans that included advertising on MLB, NBA, NHL, etc. had to change. With our extensive knowledge of media markets, we were able to pivot all those media plans and help our clients respond. Results? The clients that took our advice haven’t just survived, they are thriving.

We also introduced new ways to target consumers by integrating new advertising platforms into our media plans. OTT/CTV and streaming video use exploded. The work at home population swelled, and the number of people streaming TV on Apple TV, Roku and similar devices increase exponentially. Without rush hours, drive time radio listening decreased, and without commuters on the road, the effectiveness of billboard advertising decreased. By shifting ads from traditional platforms to OTT/CTV, and to streaming audio platforms like Spotify and Pandora, our campaigns reached more of the work from home population’s eyes and ears and minds, thereby increasing market share for our clients.

Working with an agency like Bob Abbate Marketing will give you and your business peace of mind knowing that the most cost effective and efficient advertising strategies are being employed for your business. In good times and challenging times, we constantly watch over your campaigns, and ensure that each and every advertising dollar is working as hard as you do, while you concentrate on running your business. Having a trusted media partner like BAM helps you breathe new life into your business, which is a great feeling to have, especially during times like these.

Let Bob Abbate Marketing help you refocus your advertising, strengthen your brand, and partner with you to build your business. Want to know more? Please reach out to me at 203-916-4477 or [email protected].

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