Targetability vs. lower cost per person reached? Frequency? Reach? Geography? These are just some of the factors we analyze when making media decisions for our clients.

The planning process is perhaps the most critical step in the ultimate success of an ongoing media campaign. A misstep or omission here will negatively impact the return a business receives from their advertising investment. This is why we always weigh our media choices very carefully.

One segment of our media plans that is often the subject of lots of research is the TV plan. Often, our clients initially balk at the cost of the broadcast TV lines on the media plan, favoring the lower costs associated with advertising on cable systems.

This needs to be analyzed carefully. For a client with a smaller marketing area, cable may seem like a perfect fit. After all, we can “zone in” on the client’s trading area, carefully investing advertising dollars in the target area surrounding their location.

But there’s more to consider. How many cable systems service our client’s trading area? What about reaching households with satellite TV service? What channels are they watching? And what about viewers who are watching the broadcast TV networks?

Quite often, our recommendation isn’t cable or broadcast, it’s a plan that combines the strengths of both.

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