Can’t say we know all the details yet. Earlier today we received this news from RADIOINK, followed by a press release from Connoisseur Media informing us that Connoisseur will acquire WEBE (licensed to Westport CT) and WICC-AM (licensed to Bridgeport CT). In the exchange, Cumulus will receive WODE-FM, WWYY-FM, WEEX-AM, and WTKZ-AM in and around Allentown, PA.

As a former radio manager who was “bought and sold” at least 5 times during my broadcasting career, this is likely a day of fear and uncertainty in both camps. I’m guessing that WEBE/WICC’s studios in downtown Bridgeport are likely to be moved up the road to Connoisseur’s operation in Milford CT that houses WEZN-FM, WPLR-FM, WFOX-FM and WYBC-FM, as well as Connoisseur’s CT sales, management and promotions team.

BAM has great relationships with both the Cumulus and Connoisseur CT teams, and we wish one and all the best. As one who has been through this, I found that it was actually a kick being able to finally work and collaborate with former competitors. Significantly more positive energy can come from putting smart heads together. vs. bashing them into each other.