For me, silence is deafening. I simply cannot work or concentrate if I don’t have music playing. My personal library of over 5,000 tracks is in the cloud, available to me wherever I roam. On top of that, I divide my listening time between my Sirius/XM subscription, Pandora, iHeart, Spotify, Google Play, TuneIn, and other streaming services. I listen wherever I am… in the office, in the car, and especially at home on a Sonos system that gives me music in every room of the house.

Simply put, music is the soundtrack to my life. One of my colleagues often comments that “there’s a song for everything”, and she’s absolutely correct.

I really thought I was a total music geek, until I read a new report from Nielsen shows that I’m not alone in my passion for music. The report, which was published this week, shows that more people actively listen to music every week than watch TV. As remarkable as that is, what amazes me more is the way people are spending their money on music. Although the largest share of music spending goes to concert ticket sales, the next largest chuck goes to satellite radio and streaming subscriptions, coming in at a combined total of 12%.

Clearly, the way people spend their money on music is changing.

See the Nielsen report and the methodology here: