Value At The Core Of Advertising

I read an article in yesterday’s New York Times that make me stop and think. Have today’s packaged goods companies and their Madison Avenue agencies become so detached from the American consumer that they have forgotten about one of the core desires of today’s consumers? Value is at the heart of what shoppers and decision makers consider when faced with a brand decision.

We’re not talking about Rolex advertising here folks. The article talks about commodities like dog food, phone service, detergent, paper goods, and shampoo. Commodities are just that… basic items, and they can be substituted for a different brand when a better value proposition is presented.

At our firm, we see value as central to buying decisions that our client’s customers make. Even in non-commodity purchases. Even in buying decisions as those one faces when making a healthcare choice. Copays, physicians pricing structures, all impact what your “out of pocket” is, and therefore what healthcare provider you ultimately choose.

If value is central to consumer’s choice in medical care, then isn’t it a no-brainer that it would be a part of the decision making process a consumer goes through when deciding what food to feed Fido?

See the NY Times article here.