We are Bamily. Jeanne, Julie, Christina, Ann and me. You’re like family to me. And Andy, Dave, Marty, Mario and Diane, your support is always appreciated. And our partners… Carl, Mike, Dick, Ramon, Jorge, Jim and so many more. And our media partners, TV, cable, radio, outdoor, print, digital and others, too numerous to mention. And our clients of course… without you we wouldn’t exist. We all work together, laser-focused on doing what’s best for our clients. Always.

It took a leap of faith to break away from my previous career to start this company 19 years ago. Going from the security of a regular paycheck and benefits and lots of perks was a risk. I started BAM with two clients and a dream, working out of a spare bedroom. Soon I was out of the house and in what was an unused storage room in a friend’s office. Next stop was an old office overlooking a dumpster in Trumbull. Then we moved to downtown Bridgeport and business boomed. A client told me I was crazy for moving the business to Bridgeport. He promisee me we would be out of business within six months. Now, here we are, starting our 20th year, and business has never been better.

Today, the dream is still alive. Today we’re fortunate to be able to choose to work exclusively with clients that are a good fit, clients that are willing to share in our strategy for growth. Over the past 19 years we’ve built many brands from scratch, worked with category leaders in sectors like healthcare, retail, automotive, fitness, energy, luxury brands, construction, finance, sports, hospitality, municipalities, and so many others. Our ads run not only in Connecticut, but in media markets around the country.

The Bammers got together for a celebration Friday night at the new Brewport in Bridgeport. It was a blast! Each and every one of the BAM team members in these pictures is the best in his/her field. I’m proud of the work we do, and how it makes a difference for our clients.

The best is yet to come.