In a recent Facebook post, Bob said, and I quote, “I love this business!” Here’s the back story behind that post.

We had just wrapped up an excellent client meeting. The client was all smiles. By following our marketing plan, his company has experienced significant results and is subsequently adding 5 new retail locations. This was exciting news, and not just for him.  We were just as excited as the client. This made me think of one of the differentiators here at Bob Abbate Marketing….. Passion!

Steve Jobs said, “The only way to do great work is to love the work you do.”  And we do! We are passionate about each and every element of this business. We bring this passion to each and every client and potential client. By what we say and how we say it, our clients know we become an extension of their business. However, more importantly, our actions truly demonstrate our commitment to all our business partners. Nothing leaves our office, not a script, not a billboard, not a TV commercial, or any design for that matter, until we love it, or as I say, are passionate about it.
It is known that passion is contagious. However, only real passion will help grow your business, ultimately increasing your bottom line.
When you’re as passionate as we are about what our clients do, it shows.