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Planners are winners. If your company is heading into 2021 without a marketing plan, you’re at a distinct disadvantage. A well-strategized plan defines your target audience, aligns your advertising and marketing with your sales goals, and provides you with a clearly defined, synergistic media plan.

Some important questions for you to consider: Does your business have a forward looking brand strategy? Do you have the capabilities to continually optimize and analyze an SEM campaign? Is your website showing up in organic searches? How will you know what the optimal combination of media is? TV, radio, SEM, SEO, outdoor, direct mail, email marketing… your marketing budget is finite, yet the media choices seem limitless. 

Do you really know who your target audience is? Is your advertising reaching them efficiently, and are your ad messages resonating with them? Are your ads crafted in such a way that they elevate the quality and reputation of your brand?

For some, the best answer to these questions is for your company to consider hiring an advertising agency. When you decide to outsource your marketing, you gain a team of experts including a creative director, a copywriter, a producer, a social media strategist, a digital director, a media planner/buyer, a website developer and more, all under one roof, focused on one thing…to ensure your company is getting value from your media investment, and is sending the right message to the right audience. 

Bob Abbate Marketing can work with you to develop a marketing plan that works. Right now we’re offering a limited number of free 30-minute marketing consultation over Zoom. According to the Wall Street Journal, about one in three small businesses have closed their doors in Connecticut since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. Don’t be a victim. Failing to plan is planning to fail. Let’s work together to stack the odds in your favor. Email us or fill out the contact form below to get the conversation started.


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