The Edge Fitness Clubs

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The Edge Fitness Clubs had the best gyms in Connecticut. They had superb exercise equipment, the best group classes, and provided their members with a unique fitness experience. However, the one thing they were missing was a clear marketing message.

Bob Abbate Marketing was retained and charged with creating an ongoing, synergistic cross media advertising campaign to promote the Edge Fitness Clubs. Instead of producing another cookie-cutter gym campaign that talks about the number of treadmills that the clubs have, BAM focused on the community of Edge members. Edge members work hard and play hard, ultimately giving them an edge in life. The campaign needed to have the power to set The Edge Fitness Clubs apart from its competition, while increasing enrollment.

Consumers were introduced to a unique lifestyle experience at The Edge Fitness Clubs, and were enticed to join The Edge to “get an Edge in Life.”

Result: The Edge Fitness Clubs has exceeded membership expectations and now has a focused marketing message, a clearly defined brand, and has gained an edge over the competition!

Media: Print, Television, Outdoor, Radio, Digital


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May 22, 2017