I saw this post on RBR this morning (RBR is a radio trade website). Although written for radio broadcasters, it makes a point that we’ve seen developing over the last few years, that the Hispanic population is growing, and, in many markets, it can be successfully influenced by advertising on a growing number of Hispanic radio stations. Right here in Connecticut, many markets have multiple Hispanic radio signals. One of our clients attributes much of his growth to the consistent presence of several Hispanic stations on his media plan every month. Want to reach this affluent and growing population? Just give me a call or drop me an email.

From RBR: For decades Hispanic radio was “off the radar” for most broadcasters because there were misconceptions about the spending power of the audience and a lack of understanding of the demographics. Many broadcasters believed the format was only successful in border communities, and few realized the demographic power of Hispanic consumers in markets across the US. Recently a light has been shined on the dramatic demographic shift across America and the significant growth and buying power of the Hispanic audience, and general-market broadcasters are realizing what Hispanic broadcasters have always known.

It’s only recently that major advertising initiatives have begun to target the Hispanic community. Broadcasters who previously feared programming content they could not understand due to language barriers have now realized it is an essential format to own in their markets. Like sports radio, many markets possess multiple Hispanic-programmed stations, creating a “market within a market.”