A couple of days ago in our blog post, we mentioned that test drives on YouTube are outpacing test drives at dealerships by 2:1. If you think your customers think that visiting the dealership is the only way to see if a car is right for them, think again! Online video makes it easy for shoppers to get familiar with vehicles long before they step foot into your dealership. The number of “test drive” videos uploaded to YouTube has grown 120% over the past two years (Google Data, US, July 2015-June 2017). Thanks to these videos, shoppers can virtually get behind the wheel of a Cadillac Escalade, check out third-row seating in a Toyota Highlander, and experience 340 horsepower in the Audi A8.

What does this mean for dealer marketing?

Whereas auto brands used to rely on several types of media, like TV to drive awareness and traditional auto websites to generate leads, now that can all be done in one place. Online video enables dealers to drive awareness of new cars and features and allow shoppers to compare and contrast their options. These videos also can bring on leads, since over 60% of auto shoppers reported visiting a dealership or dealer website after watching a video of a vehicle they were considering.

Should my dealership have our own virtual test drive videos? 

In short, yes. Start with your 2 or 3 best selling vehicles. We can script up a video storyboard for you, help identify who on your staff should be your on-screen product specialist, and coordinate the entire process.

OK, it sounds like it’s worth trying. So how do I get started?

Just give us your contact info below. One of our automotive consultants will be in touch.

Happy motoring!

PS – here’s a tip. If you’re wondering how to get those cool POV style shots that make you feel like you’re in the driver’s seat, check this out.

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