This question gets bandied about quite often. Why should we hire a marketing firm? “We don’t need one, we have Mary. She can handle it.” “I like negotiating with all the media reps. I always get what I want.” “We can make our own commercials. It’s cheaper.”

If you think about it, NOT hiring a marketing firm can actually cost you MORE.

Do you have a forward looking brand strategy? Do you have the capabilities to analyze the results from an SEM campaign? Is your website showing up in organic searches? How do I know which media is worth spending our budget on? All budgets are finite, yet the media choices seem limitless.

Do you really know who your target audience is? Is your advertising reaching them efficiently, and is your ad message resonating with them? Are your ads crafted in such a way that they elevate the quality and reputation of your brand, your store, your dealership?

When you decide to outsource your marketing, you now have a team of experts that will guide you through the seemingly limitless media choices. A team that can navigate the digital world for you because they already have the analytic tools to do the research and tracking to ensure you’re being seen. A team that has the expertise to utilize social media the best way possible and put your company in the best light, not just “post” to Facebook.

When you decide to outsource your marketing, you have a copywriter, a producer, a social media director, a digital director, website developer and more all under one roof focused on only one thing…to ensure your company and your message is being seen by the right people. A team of marketing professionals with one task: to help you reach your marketing goals. A team of professionals who work side by side with you to help convey a cohesive message spanning all touch points, from media to internal marketing as well.

When you decide to outsource your marketing, you have an objective braintrust looking out for your best interests. A team who can develop ideas to meet your needs and can be brutally honest.

Bob Abbate Marketing has the experience and braintrust to make you look good and insure that your brand message is seen and heard. We’re fiercely loyal, hard working and passionate. If you don’t look good, we don’t look good.

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