The demise of main streets across the country is nothing new. But they’re coming back! So when the City of Bridgeport’s Downtown Special Services District (DSSD) found itself dealing with the perception of what was, we were called in to tell the story of what is.

Bridgeport is a city rich in history yet plagued by a bum rap. The DSSD, an organization funded by and run by downtown property owners, needed to find a way to push back against a seemingly endless barrage of negative stories and perceptions about Bridgeport.

Our challenge: create an identity, a voice and means of communication that would resonate with businesses and residents of Bridgeport and the surrounding communities alike.

Bob Abbate Marketing created a new brand, introducing “InfoBridgeport” with a colorful easily-recognizable moniker, followed by the launch of an attractive, informative and interactive website. The InfoBridgeport brand is alive with lots of Facebook and Twitter posts, regular email blasts, and radio, TV and newspaper ads that call attention to the many positive events and opportunities that happen every day in downtown Bridgeport.

Result: Downtown Bridgeport is alive with activity. New restaurants, retail stores, businesses, and residents have been attracted by the positive buzz. The DSSD has gained the support and recognition necessary to further it’s mission.

Media: TV, Radio, Social Media, Digital, Outdoor, Print, Collateral


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May 22, 2017